How Do I Find My Inner Strength to Focus on Reaching ‘Happiness’?
How Do I Find My Inner Strength to Focus on Reaching ‘Happiness’?
I find myself having a lot to appreciate but there’s still a void to becoming happy. I’m not happy! How do I find my inner strength to focus on reaching that place?

In today’s society of trends and social media portraying these “perfect” lives, it can be difficult to achieve satisfaction with our level of happiness. The portrayal of these perfect lives can leave us with the feeling that we need to constantly work to achieve a certain level of happiness. The reality is that we are humans with complex emotions and responses to problems that vary depending on the day. We can’t be happy all the time and our levels of happiness will vary over time. 

Constantly seeking an ideal level of happiness, voids you from enjoying the present moment of what you are achieving in the present. It will leave you with these feelings of disappointment. Gratitude is important in achieving some happiness but it’s important to combine it with fulfilling your other personal needs as well. Take the focus off achieving your expected level of happiness and explore your specific needs through getting to know yourself and your personal needs. Sometimes we think something is making us happy but in the long run, it may be making our lives worse.

Here are some things you can do to make you feel good:-

1. Take an inventory of what makes you happy.

Understanding our needs helps us become more self-aware of our goals and desires. Start by keeping a journal and exploring what is giving you satisfaction, explore your values, and what YOU need to feel good. Not only will this help you in becoming more self-aware but can also be used as a go-to on the not so good days.

2. Ask the hard questions.

After taking an inventory of your wants and needs ask yourself if your current actions assist in reaching those values and needs. Often, this activity helps us realise some of our behavior may be causing obstacles to our goals and happiness. This awareness will help you in tweaking your focus and behaviour in the right direction.

3. Don’t be so hard on yourself and be realistic.

Appreciating yourself is equally as important as appreciating what you have. You are actively seeking ways in helping yourself find happiness and taking care of YOU! Remember to celebrate your actions, even the small ones. You won’t always be able to reach a level of happiness and that’s okay. You are not a robot, and the destination of happiness doesn’t exist because a perfect life doesn’t exist. You are doing the best you can and that is enough.

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