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Frequently asked questions
This does vary.
Some coaches are able to respond to you within a couple of days, whereas others may take up to a week. This can depend on the complexity of the question; the coaches own schedule and of course the number of questions they have in their queue.
If you are waiting longer than you think you should be, please contact our team for support.
On sign up, you will have one question to ask a coach in your ‘question wallet’. This will auto-renew every 30 days, allowing you to ask one question each month.
If you would like to build up a bank of questions, you can refer a friend using your unique referral code. Once they successfully sign up using your code, you will automatically receive another question, which will sit in your wallet until you’re ready to use it. There’s no limit on how long you have these questions and you can ask whenever you like.
Kossie is still in developmental stages, so at this time, it is free for users.
We aim to ensure the platform is useful, inclusive and helpful to our community so while the price point may change over time, we would love you to use it to allow us to change and adapt to best suit you.
Once you have submitted your question, it will pass (anonymously) into our system which then sorts your struggle via an intelligent matching algorithm. It will then be passed over to the Q&A dashboard of a professional coach who is best placed to give you the most useful answer.
Reminder: Resources and advice from this site are not for immediate help. If you are in a crisis, please don't use this site.