I Don’t Really Trust Men as I’ve Got Herpes from a Long-term Partner… What Should I Do?
I Don’t Really Trust Men as I’ve Got Herpes from a Long-term Partner… What Should I Do?
I find it hard to date because I don’t really meet anyone good, even though I get lonely and think that I want to meet someone, I can’t work up the energy to try to meet someone. In the past, I’ve signed up to dating sites/apps, but have only ever met men that are either just not really interested or only want a one-night stand. I can’t seem to meet anyone that wants to get to know me. Plus, I’ve got herpes which I contracted from a long-term partner, so I don’t really trust men and often feel angry towards them in general, because I think they’re lying a lot of the time…

When we choose to react to our current and past circumstances and use it to predict our future, we just recreate the past. This is why most people attract the same type of partners over and over – we let our current/past experiences dictate our beliefs about what we get to have which just perpetuates the cycle. To break this cycle, you have to stop letting your circumstances lead you and become the LEADER of your circumstances.

The energy you lead with is the energy the universe responds with. Allow yourself to want the kind of relationship you want. Allow yourself to believe you can have it. The universe WILL respond. Your dream partner WILL respond.

Decide that you get to want what you want and you get to have it. The only thing holding you back is the belief that you can’t have it. Ask yourself, who do I need to BE in order to call in my dream partner? What do I need to believe about myself, my ideal partner, men and the world in order to have the relationship I desire?

Maybe you need to believe he exists. That he’s interested in you. That you could meet him today. What thoughts help you tap into the possibility?

Allow yourself to play with the possibility. Get curious and excited about what could be possible.

If you knew you were going to meet your dream partner today, how would you feel? How would you think? How would you be showing up for yourself and your life? How can you embody this version of you today?

If you want a trusting partner, are you developing trust with yourself? If you want a loving partner, are you loving yourself? If you want someone interested in you, are you getting interested in and curious about you and your life? Be the energy you want to receive.

Here’s something you can do:-

Journal on these questions

  1. What qualities do you want in your person?
  2. How do you want to feel around your person?
  3. What do you want to do with them?
  4. If your ideal partner was answering these questions about YOU, what would they say?
  5. Are you embodying that that version of you now? If not, what can you do to embody this version of you now?

Here’s a visualisation (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bukfL8XgJKw&t=1555s&ab_channel=MagneticallyYou) that will not only feel amazing but will prime your brain to manifest the partner you desire. Our subconscious minds don’t know the difference between real and imagined so when we visualise our desires, we literally create new neural pathways in our brain that essentially serve as the roadmap to guide us to what we want.

What’s one thing you’d want your partner to do for you? Maybe you want them to buy you flowers, cook you dinner, take you out to eat, tell you they love you, etc. Do at least ONE of those things for yourself today!

By Madison Surdyke, Mindset & Energy Coach

Feel free to reach out Madison via Instagram @magneticallyyou.

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