I feel guilty and I don’t know?! 

Was I in the wrong? Did I over react? 

Was I being over dramatic? 

How could I express my feelings?
I feel guilty and I don’t know?! Was I in the wrong? Did I over react? Was I being over dramatic? How could I express my feelings?
I was talking to this guy for over 5 months and i realised after talking to my friend that I have feelings for this guy. So I was going to tell him how I felt, however he told me he slept with a girl few weeks back and that he really liked her, both regret it and the girl now just wants to be friends. he was messaging her and messaging me explaining what happened.

So when I asked him why are you telling me this, he said that I feel comfortable telling you.

We always ask each other what’s new etc.

I wasn’t annoyed that he slept with her, I was annoyed that he lied and broken the trust as a friend.

I don’t know if I am being over dramatic or not?

So I told him to sort it out with her and I’ll leave you to it. As he really liked her and it wasn’t the right time to tell him!

He asked me what’s wrong with you? when I told him how that I think I have feelings for you!

He then went on saying that I can sleep whoever I want, I don’t need to tell you who I’ve been sleeping with you? we wasn’t dating are we etc?

Then he said now you tell me, you had all this time to tell me! I explained to him that I was doing to tell you today but you beat me to it!

Then I explained that you lied, that’s what I am annoyed about. Friends don’t lie! And if someone says they are comfortable with you talking about anything , but then they’re not.

So I said thank you for letting me now and sharing this with me.

The following day I was explaining to him how I am feeling, I told him I felt like a third wheel, an option.

He understood about the third wheel however he didn’t quite understand about the option or how I felt.

So I asked him if he felt the same and he said I thought I did, but you kept being needy and clingy, you keep blowing up my phone. I kept ignoring you yet you didn’t understand when I said lol. He then goes I can’t be nasty to you and that’s not who I am.

Then he said that I am in the office and will message you later x.

I explained to him I am not needy or clingy, I sometimes message you or send you memes. If you didn’t like it, you could have just said to stop!

Earlier on I said we should terminate our friendship, as I can’t trust you and you lied. When I expressed my feelings of why I felt that, his response was okay.

He then went on to say he doesn’t have time and I said neither do I! He then said you have free time!

I thought to myself why on earth am I wasting my time, this man doesn’t care how I feel or doesn’t understand the problem!

So then I messaged him saying I’ll make this easier for you. See ya and bye for now.

I’ve removed you from Instagram, deleted your number and removed you from Snapchat.

Later on that day i decided to block him on WhatsApp and Instagram. He done the same.

Then I realised it sounds so immature or have I overreacted?

So I unblocked him on WhatsApp and Instagram. Couple of days he left unblocked me and then decided to block me on Instagram.

My friend reckoned he liked me but I am so oblivious when someone likes me or I like them!

Thanks for sharing! 

It seems that neither of you communicated effectively due to heightened emotions through the conversations.

If your intentions for blocking him came from a reactive state rather than a responsive state, then perhaps it was a bit dramatic.

But if you blocked him in order to protect your heart because having him in your life is painful, then that's not overreacting. 

It seems to me that either he doesn't feel the same way about you or his feelings are tied up with the other girl. You don't want to be the rebound. So perhaps, give him his space and decide what qualities you actually want in a man and go find it. 

You may come to realize that he doesn't meet your qualifications anyway. 

1. Create a list of 3-5 qualities you actually require from a man. (Kind hearted? Financially stable? Emotionally mature? Etc. you decide what's important to you). 

2. List out some of the qualities in yourself that are good for a relationship.

3. List out some of the things you still need to work on within yourself.

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