I Want to Stop Going Back to Him… What Should I Do?
I Want to Stop Going Back to Him… What Should I Do?
I want to stop going back to him. We don’t text for days and he just calls and expects me to break down my walls and act like everything is okay again. I feel confused and hurt…

The first thing that I recommend that you do is realise how valuable you are. I am amazed at how much women put up with some guys. There should be certain, non-negotiable things that you should expect from your partner. One of them being a standard frequency of communication.

If you are not hearing from or getting responses from your partner every 24 hours or so, something is not right. He is either stringing you along, is too busy for a relationship, or is talking with other girls. If a guy is interested, he will make time for you and make you feel like a priority.

If you received a call or text from a guy after a few days after not hearing from him, I would call him out on it and tell him that you’re upset and that he needs to change. If he changes, great. If he doesn’t, you need to move on because there is a man out there that will treat you better than he does.

The best thing for you to do is write out a list of non-negotiable things you expect from any partner you’re with. One of the things on the list should be consistent communication. Another non-negotiable thing is to not have a partner that flirts with other girls. Some other examples you may want a partner to have are:

– Your same religious beliefs

– Your same view on marriage

– Whether they want kids or not

– How they take care of money

– Career goals

– Where they want to live

If the partner you’re considering doesn’t meet all your non-negotiables, you’re going to just waste your time with them and end up heartbroken.

By Matt Hoyle, Relationship Coach

If you’re struggling with your relationship, feel free to contact Matt via Instagram @thesparkguy.

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