How to Let Toxic People Go? He Doesn’t Want to Leave Me Alone…
How to Let Toxic People Go? He Doesn’t Want to Leave Me Alone…
I feel confused and not sure what I want at the moment. I’m trying my hardest to let someone go who isn’t good for me, but he doesn’t want to leave me alone. I want to reach out because I feel bad about ignoring people because that’s not me, but lately I’ve been focusing on just me, in order for me to be at peace with myself…what else can I do with this situation?

In order to let people go it is healthy to take the necessary space to allow yourself to heal. This requires assertiveness on your part. It can feel uncomfortable and even heartbreaking to tell someone we’ve loved to allow time to pass with no contact, but it is often the exact thing that will help heal our heart. In order to continue focusing on yourself, you must put yourself first. Asking for what you need is admirable and I have no doubt you can do it. If you are in a toxic relationship and the person will not leave you alone after you’ve asked, it’s time to block their number and delete their contact information. This is for your best interest and although you don’t want to ignore someone, sometimes the loudest answer is a silent one. They’ll get the drift and your heart will heal. Win-win.

I have so many self-help exercises, but here are a few that you can do right now.

1. This one is simple and effective. Write down on a piece of paper, “I am enough” and post it somewhere in plain view where you will see it daily. I prefer my bathroom mirror. This will be your daily reminder that with or without a partner you are worthy of the life that you want.

2. Write a letter to your past partner. What can you thank them for? What did you learn about yourself and life during the time you spent together? Even if the relationship was toxic, you can thank them for showing you what you don’t want and giving you the strength to never settle.

3. Take a social media break and get back in touch with nature. Leave your phone at home and go outside to breathe in the fresh air. Make taking a walk outside part of your daily routine. The exercise alone will do you wonders, but if you are diligent in limiting your time on your phone and social media you are sure to see wildly positive changes in your life.

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