How Do I Address the Root Cause of Where My Stress Is Coming From?
How Do I Address the Root Cause of Where My Stress Is Coming From?
I am someone who is quite good at coping with stress and I’ve never had major panic attack or anxiety. However, I recently has this constant feeling of tightness around the throat and chest area and I know it could somehow related to stress… I am not sure if it is because of my work, relationship or family.

Identifying the root of our stress can be one of the hardest things to get to the bottom of. When clients come to me with this exact problem, I usually recommend that they keep what I call a ‘Stress Log’ and journal around the stress that they are experiencing when it occurs. By writing your thoughts and feelings down, it can assist you in finding out the direct cause of your stress in the different aspects of your life. It can also assist you in finding a way in which you can also deal with the stress. As the entries in your stress log increase, you will slowly begin to notice a pattern of what commonly sets off your stress.

Here are some journal prompts to help you identify and address the root of your stress:

  1. Where are you finding you are experiencing the greatest level of stress? Is it at work, at home or within some of your relationships?
  2. Is there a particular person that makes you feel more stressed when you are around them? How can you communicate with that particular person about how they are making you feel?
  3. What is stressing you out about a particular situation? For example, is it that you are feeling a lot of pressure around completing a work project in a timely manner? Do you feel like you are not being appreciated for all that you are and do in different relationships?

Finding a solution to your struggle
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