How Can I Stop Being So Stressed?
How Can I Stop Being So Stressed?
I’m feeling good on the outside but inside I’m really struggling, feeling stressed…what should I do and how to stop this feeling?

It sounds like you’re feeling healthy as far as sickness or injury goes, but mentally you could be feeling better.

In my experience, feelings and emotions aren’t things you can choose to stop on a dime. In fact, resistance to feeling a certain way, like pretending you don’t feel that way or trying to force it to stop by distracting yourself, only makes it worse.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but I recommend sitting with the feeling. This looks like acknowledging it’s here and focusing on how it feels within your body for a few minutes.

Try to name the emotions as specifically as you can. Are you feeling anxious? Irritated? Bummed out?

Then close your eyes and focus on how it literally feels within your body. Figure out where it is exactly. Chest? Stomach? Everywhere? Does it have a temperature, like hot or cold? Is it heavy or light? Is it still or moving? Does it have a color? Get as clear on it as you can. If any images come to mind, note those too.

After you’ve given the feeling some attention, you can focus on completing the stress cycle. Stress and emotions are energy. There may be no way around them, but we can finish moving through them by moving them out of the body. Here are three ideas.

If you have a lot of thoughts about what’s going on, you can try journaling in a stream of consciousness style. You can do this by writing on paper, typing or dictating into a device.

You can also try releasing some energy by letting out a scream, exercising, or crying if any of those feel right.

One more idea is to do something nice for yourself, like taking a hot bath, making a playlist, watching some comedy, or anything else that would make you feel good and taken care of.

By Miranda Wise, Life Reclamation Coach

If you’re struggling with stress, feel free to contact Miranda via Instagram @miranda.m.wise or

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