Online Dating: How to Bounce Back from Swipe Fatigue

If you’ve ever been on a dating app, you’ll know that it can be a LOT. There’re hundreds upon hundreds of eligible people out there, and before you know it, you’re spending several hours either swiping left or right.

While this can be fun in the beginning, especially if you’ve just come out of a relationship and are newly single – it can also lead to ‘swipe fatigue’. Officially called ‘option paralysis’, it’s a phenomenon in which having more options makes it more difficult to make a choice.

You’re expected to judge potential partners based on only a few pictures and a short biography, and that can make it much harder to pick one person to pursue when there are so many profiles to sift through. So, it’s not surprising that you’d start to feel fatigued by the constant searching and swiping.

“Can’t be bothered”

What does swipe fatigue feel like? “I was so excited to get dating and start swiping, but honestly the buzz wore off pretty soon,” says Emma, 31. “I found I was obsessing over it and not actually really getting anywhere with anyone although I was matching so many. After a couple of unsuccessful dates, I deleted the apps and haven’t added them again yet.”

Leah, 27 said: “There’s SO many choices! It’s really overwhelming and I always have such high hopes, to ultimately be let down.”

“It’s worse when you find someone you like and then they actually end up ghosting you. It makes me think – what’s the point! I really can’t be bothered sometimes.”

How to bounce back

If you’re reached dating app burnout, it’s going to affect the dates you go on. If you find yourself feeling like the dates are a chore and you get a knot in your stomach when you think about them, it’s time to take a step back!

The dating process is often difficult. The painful disappointments and rejections that inevitably come with dating can take a toll. Here are some ways to bounce back from swipe fatigue.

#1 Narrow your searches

You may have your dating parameters set too broadly to be able to find someone you like. Instead, take a look at narrowing the age parameters and also consider dating locally rather than across huge geographical areas. Although you might feel like you’re missing out, it’s better to try this way and move up to bigger groups of people when you know there’s nothing for you within the parameters you’ve set!

#2 Time block

Similar to spending too much time on social media, spending too much time on dating apps can really drive you around the bend. Instead of absent-mindedly scrolling through and spending countless hours, can you set aside some dedicated time to do this? How about up to an hour in the evenings? That way, you’re in control of the time you’re spending.

#3 Manage your expectations

Sorry to say it, but are you being a little TOO picky? It could be that you’re setting your expectations far too high, picturing this dreamy person who you’re sure is just around the corner (or next swipe!). Don’t forget, it’s difficult to tell what someone’s really like from a few sentences – you might be judging a book by its cover.

#4 Take a break!

Sometimes there’s just nothing better than taking a good breather. If the swiping fatigue is really getting to you, why not delete the apps from your phone for a while, or even hide them from your home screen. You won’t miss much and your profile will be there when you get back. Make sure you’re ready to start swiping again.

Have you ever experienced dating or swiping fatigue? How did you overcome it?

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