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Q&A Guideline

Introduce your problem here. Make sure you give your coach a well-rounded overview of what you’re struggling with and how it’s affecting you so that they are able to give you an answers which will give you the best chance of solving it!

  1. Introduce your problem
  2. Give a background on how long you’ve been feeling this way
  3. Has anything specific contributed to your problem?
  4. How is it affecting your day-to-day life?

We’ve found that the questions that get the best answers are between 100 - 150 words long, like this one:

"My boyfriend who lives with me (who moved with me) is getting tired of me feeling so tired all the time and I am worried we will break up. The stress I’m feeling makes me feel sad, depressed and uncertain of what is coming next. I wonder whether I’ve made a mistake in taking a new job, although it’s a good career opportunity for me. When I feel at my worst, I try to work out or just relax and have a bath, but I’m struggling right now. I really hate feeling stressed but it seems like none of my usual tricks are helping."

Here’s a quick guideline:
A bad example would be a short, vague statement that doesn’t give the coach a good insight into the problem itself. It makes it much more difficult for them to give you valuable feedback. For example, something like this:

“I am feeling very stressed lately and it’s bothering me.”

It doesn’t allow the coach to delve into WHY you’re feeling stressed and they may not be able to direct you to the best solution.

We want you to receive the best help possible, so give your coach all of the relevant details. Remember, it’s completely anonymous!