50 Thoughts on Whether Do Men Care About Cellulite on Women’s Bodies
20 Mar

Contrary to popular belief (or what it looks like on Instagram!), every woman’s body is completely different. Unless surgically enhanced, or the girl has been MAJORLY blessed by the genetic gods, it’s likely that she has lumps, bumps, texture and rolls in all the normal places. Something a LOT of girls get, whether their thin or thicc, black or white is CELLULITE. Cellulite is a type of fat deposit under the skin, which can lead to an uneven surface and dimpling, commonly referred to as ‘orange peel skin’. It’s 100% common and something fashion magazines and online retailers are working to normalise and show more often, letting young girls (and men!) know that they are not alone. Read below to see whether do men care about cellulite…

  1. “Depends. If it’s because you’re unhealthy then ‘no thank you’, but if you’re healthy and it’s just natural. Who cares?” – 25, Croatia
  2. “No opinion. You’d have to show me some examples.” – 38, United Kingdom
  3. “Ah! Never thought how I feel about it, but probably bothers me less than the woman having it? I don’t know.” – 36, Finland
  4. “It’s as natural as a balding head or a chubby belly!” – 44, Greece
  5. “Would eat it.” – 28, United States
  6. “I’d prefer it smooth skin. I just like it better.” – 32, United Arab Emirates
  7. “Interesting, not many thoughts about that. Has been working out very hard to lose weight? She was fat? Or she was pregnant before?” – 36, Hong Kong
  8. “Depends on how large the area is.” – 33, Hong Kong
  9. “Not preferred. I mean, it doesn’t look good, right?” – 28, Hong Kong
  10. “Can’t think how cellulite can look good.” – 36, United States
  11. “I had to google that. Quite frankly I don’t have an opinion. If the girl has a great mindset and is hot, that’s all that matters.” – 30, India
  12. “The more the better.” – 34, Hong Kong
  13. “I don’t really mind.” – 32, Italy
  14. “I don’t have no problem with it.” – 34, United Kingdom
  15. “If the woman is happy with her body then it’s fine. I like a bum that’s all bone. In the end, if the woman is confident and happy and sexy then great.” – 43, United Kingdom
  16. “Hmm…it’s not super nice.” – 33, Australia
  17. “I think cellulite is a natural thing.” – 28, Canada
  18. “Disgusting.” – 30, Israeli
  19. “To answer your question, I can say I’m quite indifferent to that. Women can prevent it anyway by having an active, healthy lifestyle. ;)” – 30, Philippines
  20. “Cellulite? It depends on what phone they’re using. Hahaha. I don’t really care about it, like it’s pretty normal to have cellulite – it’s part of the body.” – 25, Philippines
  21. “It’s fine. It’s natural.” – 30, United States
  22. “Not a good look.” – 34, United Kingdom
  23. “Depends on the thickness and volume, I think it’s acceptable in most cases.” – 33, Hong Kong
  24. “Haha…for me it means she actually lost weight, became disciplined and tried to become healthier. So good work!” – 37, Turkey
  25. “I think it’s up to every person own themselves and decide what they wanna do.” – 32, Sweden
  26. “Well it’s something natural. We must accept it as it is. No need to let a woman feel not comfortable about this, some are sensitive and it will be a problem for them.” – 31, Italy
  27. “I find it pretty attractive. I don’t like skinny women.” – 23, Germany
  28. “I guess I prefer no cellulite! Although I do like curvy. I mean, the smooth skin is more appealing to me.” – 34, Australia
  29. “Cellulite is good. I prefer women to have more curves.” – 37, United Kingdom
  30. “Hate it! But same goes for my belly fa.” – 39, Greece
  31. “You know what? I love it!” – 27, Hong Kong
  32. “Have to see which part.” – 35, Japan
  33. “I actually never realised I need to have an opinion about it.” – 29, Norway
  34. “Not going to lie. No idea what that is.” – 30, United Kingdom
  35. “Seems like cellulite is a common thing for women, it should be okay if it’s not a physical health problem.” – 26, India
  36. “Cellulite is fat, right?!?!” – 40, United Kingdom
  37. “I think some cellulite is necessary. But obviously, not so much that it overflows.” – 25, Hong Kong
  38. “Same as corgi. Could be cute but you don’t want to have it on you for too long.” – 31, France
  39. “They are purely normal.” – 29, Thailand
  40. “It depends on how much cellulite.” – 28, Hong Kong
  41. “Turns me on.” – 31, United States
  42. “I actually like cellulite on women’s bodies.” – 32, Hong Kong
  43. “I have to look up to know what is it.” – 23, Hong Kong
  44. “I’ve got a bit of blubber so I have no comment.” – 38, United Kingdom
  45. “Ummm, it’s natural.” – 30, Canada
  46. “It’s not a big deal to me.” – 31, Netherlands
  47. “I think it’s unattractive.” – 37, United States
  48. “I got no problem with it.” 23, Hong Kong
  49. “Honestly, I don’t pay much attention to it, nor do I really care.” – 27, Malaysia
  50. “Well…I think it looks better without but it’s a natural part of ageing…” – 32, Australia

So, do men care about cellulite? What do you think? Some majorly conflicting answers, and some misinformation in here. Despite what a couple of the men here think, cellulite is not caused by pregnancy, gaining or losing weight. If you have it, you have it, and if you don’t…that’s not to say you won’t develop some over time! It’s a shame that some men seem to view cellulite on women’s bodies as ‘disgusting’ and ‘not nice’…I would like to see how perfect they are, if they can disregard a woman’s body like that! Unfortunately, it’s really hard, if not impossible to treat cellulite, so telling a woman you’re uncomfortable with it will only hurt her feelings! A lot of men here don’t care, and are knowledgeable in the fact that it is a natural part of a woman’s body. Ladies – OWN your bodies and don’t ever let anyone make you feel ‘less-than’ because of cellulite!

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