50 Thoughts that What Men Think of Women with Body Hair
16 Aug

“Oh, my GAWDDD! Women with body hair is like totally disgusting and gross-aaaaaa”. Ugh! Simple-minded human beings…If only they knew body hair is totally fabulous, and men around the world want to be the ‘George of the Jungle’. Why do women want to go bald Barbie? Samantha Jones quotes: “I’m growing it out, my hair, down there. Smith enjoys a full bush.” There are so many ways women can bedazzle their body hair. Ever heard of hair tattoo, crystal embellishment or branded body marketing? You can get paid by brands to show off their logo on your legs. Just kidding!

Anyway, why are women forced to spend loads of money to make themselves look sexy for their man? Isn’t it weird that the society doesn’t shame a hairy guy, especially when his body smells like sweat, poop, pee-pee and McDonalds? Stupid gender stereotypes! I think one should remove body hair only for hygiene or operational purposes, but please, it is not worth going to hell five times a month to make Mr. Pig do-that-thing with you. You should say to him, “This is my body, it’s beautiful, take it or leave it”. Body hair is not always perceived so negatively. Take a look at the responses I have received for my questionnaire and you may change your mind. It may reduce the unnecessary expenses in the long run (I expect a commission for my money-saving advice!). Just remember your worth and fabulousity. You should not let society make you feel like an unpaid pornstar. End of story, honey.

Here’re 50 thoughts that what men think of women with body hair:-

1. “I don't like hairy women. There shouldn't be hair down below.” 33, H.K.

2. “A little bit of hair is ok. Just enough is fine.” 30, H.K.

3. “It's not very good. The feeling is not comfortable when you have sex. But a little bit is fine.” 28, H.K.

4. “If it is pretty girl, then I am okay with her having lots of body hair.” 25, H.K.

5. “I like it. I don't mind at all.” 29, H.K.

6. “I don't mind at all.” 33, France.

7. “It's fine...Natural.” 36, H.K.

8. “Wax your moustache...if you can't afford laser.” 27, U.S.A.

9. “No to a moustache; arm hair is ok, and even pubic hair is ok.” 25, Netherlands.

1. “It's gross.” 30, Philippines.

11.“Hair on the upper lip is a BIG turn off.” 34, U.S.A.

12.“It is sexy, show me please!” 29, H.K.

13.“Yeah, I’m kind of weirdly attracted to it.” 34, Canada.

14.“I don’t shave… so it’s fine.” 29, H.K.

15. “I really hate hairy arms on women.” 45, U.S.A.

16.“Yes… I get turned off. Especially when the hair is coarse and visible.” 25, H.K.

17.”I only get turned off by girls who are too lazy to take care of themselves. But, I don’t get turned off by body hair.” 34, U.K.

18.“Well, let’s see how much you got down there. Send a picture, and I will tell you hahaha.” 34, H.K.

19,” It is not very hygiene.” 20, India.

20.“Only sluts will have a Brazilian wax.” 18, India.

21. ”I would like to taste it.” 23, H.K.

22.“I think not too much is fine haha.” 27, H.K.

23. “Most men don’t like lots of body hair, especially in the vagina area. However, I’m a hairy guy lol.” 46, H.K.

24. “You got hair like a goose? I love it. I want it to be like a jungle. I want to get lost in there.” 48, H.K.

25. “????????????” 30, China.

26. “If it is above the vagina, I like it. If not, I don’t like it.” 30, China.

27. “If I will be honest, I like public hair. But, bare is also ok.” 31, China.

28. “The barer the body, the better.” 28, China.

29. “Women with body hair are so attractive! I don’t mind it, baby. My answer pass?” 21, H.K.

30. “Not good.” 39, H.K.

31. “Women with body hair are awesome.” 38, H.K.

32. “Use tape and stick on the hair and pull it very hard to remove it, if you can’t afford to wax.” 35, H.K.

33. “I really like women with loads of hair. That’s so sexy and attractive to me.” 21, H.K.

34. “No comments. It is natural and healthy. Do you have body hair?” 23, H.K.

35. “This is a serious topic… It depends on where the hair is and how much of it is there. I don’t like hair near the pubic area.”

36. “Of course, it’s not good… appearance-wise.” 26, H.K.

37. “It makes no difference… I think a girl is pretty with or without body hair. I think they look more mature and unique with armpit hair or hairy legs.” 34, U.S.A.

38. “Women should shave regularly… Maybe once a month. It looks better.” 29, H.K.

39. “I think women should shave their body for hygienic reasons. They don’t have to please any guy. It should be for their health and well-being hahaha.” 21, H.K.

40. “I don’t mind. Can you send me a picture?” 32, Taiwan.

41. “At times, I find girls have lots of burns and scars on their armpits, legs and pubic areas. This is even more unattractive. It is better to keep it natural if you can’t shave properly.” 25, U.K.

42. “I like hairy girls, and I like armpit hair especially.” 46, India.

43. “I think it depends on the girl. A lot of white girls have light hair, and it’s not noticeable. Anyway, girls can do what they want. The important thing is they feel comfortable and confident with their body.” 43, U.S.A.

44. “I like hairy women. This bald barbie look is getting boring for me. I like women who are real inside and out.” 54, Canada.

45. “Remove all of it…. ????.” 25, Taiwan.

46. “Good! ????????????????.” 41, Taiwan.

47. “Shaved or unshaved. It’s ok. It is her choice.” 27, H.K.

48. “I like…. ????????????.” 34, Taiwan.

49. “I think the shaved body is very practical for sex. I prefer a woman with a bare body because sex will be more pleasurable. There will be less friction ????????????.” 29, H.K.

50. “Hmmmm…. it’s sexy.” 26, H.K.

To conclude, women with body hair are often portrayed as hairy beasts who have no chance of getting lucky with hot guys. The results show how men have a slightly biased view of body hair. Some find it GRO-SAHH, and MANY find it sexually arousing. Isn’t it funny? I guess body hair is still a controversial topic. But, who cares what guys or girls think, right? You are in charge of your own body. If a bush helps you keep warm during the cold winter months, who am I to deny your rights, man. Guys are kind of getting pervy these days, so experiment and shave a ‘Kossie’ logo on your legs to help promote our brand (just kidding!).

In my opinion, I recommend shaving body hair only because you feel better to have bare skin (that’s just me). But, I understand some women are feminists and want to demonstrate gender equality. In the end, a woman should shave to make herself happy. There shouldn’t be strict criteria on how body hair should look. You could shave once a year, shave one arm and not the other or outline your ex’s name on your armpit, so he will have a good smell of his personality. This is your time and money. Stop listening to society and listen to what you need right now. You are beautiful, no matter what. Dr. Po is always here to understand you. See you soon.

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