50 Thoughts From Men When Their Girlfriend Makes More Money

Wheew, money. It can be a touchy subject. Some people have far too much, some have far too little. Some have just the right amount but still aren’t happy. When two people are in a relationship, they can combine their salaries and have a better quality of life. Traditionally, the man was the ‘breadwinner’ and the woman either stayed at home or earn much less. Nowadays however, that gender pay-gap is closing every day, and we are seeing more and more women in high-powered, CEO level roles. It’s not uncommon for women to be earning men, but what about when it’s close to home, in your relationship? Do men feel threatened, or happy when their girlfriend makes more money? Let’s find out.

1.“I always wanted to be a stay-at-home dad. How many kids should we have? Lol” – 34, United Kingdom

2.“Then I think I ain’t working hard enough.” – 23, United Kingdom

3.“Argh. She has more shoes than me. *Sad face*” – 30, United States

4.“It’s great. Haha Sometimes, it’s more about the lifestyle rather than income.” – 32, Korea

5.“What should matter is how happy she is. I mean, like if she’s making more money than me but she’s totally miserable in her job then I think it’s bad. But if she’s happy, then of course I’m pleased with her for being successful. It’s 2020, women can be rich too! Wanting your girl to earn less than you because of your fragile masculinity is toxic.” – 27, United Kingdom

6.“I really couldn’t care less honestly.” – 26, Hong Kong

7.“I’m fine with it. My last girlfriend made more money than me. I mean, a good relationship is like a partnership right? Money shouldn’t have anything to do with me.” – 38, Canada

8.“I’d be motivated from that to make my own too. To be honest, not against it all.” – 25, United States

9.“That wouldn’t be the case. But if she does, I would really appreciate it and if fact I would help her with the motivation she needs :)” – 28, India

10.“I haven’t really given that much thought. I don’t think I have a problem with my girlfriend making more money than me, but if my girlfriend is a lot smarter than me. I think I would feel uneasy.” – 38, United States

11.“Well, I’d be proud of her.” – 33, France

12.“I don’t mind a girlfriend making more than me. It just means we would have a more financially stable relationship, and I’d admire her for doing well in her life and not trying to get me to pay for everything (like many girls I’ve met before). It would also mean our kids were better looked after if we had them. The only downside would be if she had no time to actually be a girlfriend.” – 36, United Kingdom

13.“I’d stand up and clap for her.” – 27, Nepal

14.“I have a very good salary so if she made more of it would be great.” – 35, United States

15.“I’d have to assess because a lot of girls think they might be okay but data suggests they are not. They seek for a mate that is better. As a natural dynamic.” – 33, Australia

16.“Never experienced but I think I’d be totally cool with it. My mom is a doctor in the states and my dad is a stay-at-home dad. Lol” – 24, United States

17.“I will be so much more happy.” – 32, India

18.“If I have one and she does that would be great and would also motivate me a little more than I already am to make double hers.” – 25, United States

19.“What’s the problem with that? I can compensate in other ways. Haha” – 30, Australia

20.“I’m pretty secure, so I wouldn’t mind at all.” – 25, United Kingdom

21.“It’s never been an issue for me. It’s only emasculating if you have poor self-esteem. I’m not very good at the whole model where the dude has to be the provider.” – 36, Canada

22.“I’m quite liberal and open minded about this. I think numbers in bank account is not the place where you you define masculinity, but some girls do consider salary is as very important factor. Though I believe it is more traditional thinking now.” – 23, Russia

23.“As long as you don’t stick your cold feet on me in bed, then it’s good. Haha” – 27, France

24.“I think it’s fine and makes them more attractive.” – 35, Hong Kong

25.“I don’t mind at all. I think this situation even a better situation because I can have less financial pressure since girls always claim equality.” – 28, Hong Kong

26.“I don’t think it would matter.” – 32, United Kingdom

27.“I think that’s very hot and sexy. The more she makes the happier she is.” – 35, Portugal

28.“Well if my girlfriend is making more money than me, this will be a bonus to me.” – 30, Croatia

29.“I think this is pretty cool.” – 32, United Arab Emirates

30.“Well I would be super proud of having a girlfriend who is successful but also it would give me a goal to work harder so I can at least match her salary.” – 25, United Kingdom

31.“She can earn and we can spend it together.” – 38, Turkey

32.“The last thing I care about is how much money someone makes.” – 31, Australia

33.“Time to quit my job. LOL” – 24, Japan

34.“Doesn’t bother me.” – 34, Hong Kong

35.“It only happened once and I was okay with it. It’s better if there is some balance in the income.” – 37, United Kingdom

36.“I would love that. No pressure on me and there’s no rule anyways that a girl should earn less than a guy in a relation right?” – 31, India

37.“Don’t care at all! Haha That would make both of us earning well. Which lead to awesome holidays and stuff.” – 27, France

38. “Wife material for sure. LOL” – 42, United Kingdom

39. “I would have no problem with that. Everyone has different types of jobs in relationships so one is always going to earn more than the other and if it’s the girlfriend then that’s how it is.” – 29, United States

40.“That’s fine with me. But I guess, I will work harder to get more money.” – 24, Hong Kong

41. “If she’s always working, it would suck.” – 32, United States

42.“I have no problem with it. Just more money for us to travel the world with.” – 37, United States

43.“I think I’d be okay…but I probably would not actively look for someone who could make more than me.” – 38, India

44.“As long as she pays her half I don’t mind.” – 24, Hong Kong

45.“No problem. I will be a stay-at-home husband.” – 26, Hong Kong

46.“Personally, I wouldn’t mind as long as I’m making an amount adequate to my profession.” – 26, Germany

47.“I don’t care how much my girlfriend makes.” – 25, Hong Kong

48.“Sounds like a dream. Can I lay by the pool then play tennis?” – 31, United States

49.“I’d prefer it. If we were married it’d mean she can make all the money and I can work whatever job I want and not worry about money. You are pretty secure, dude.” – 25, Australia

50.“Why would that be a bad thing…?” – 24, United Kingdom

Okay, I’m pleasantly surprised by most of these responses of men when their girlfriend makes more money than them. Personally, I think the most money that can be made by both parties in a relationship is a bonus, as you then have more resources for amazing experiences and a secure life. It appears that most men have no issue whatsoever with their girlfriends earning more money than them, with a few looking to retire early, haha. Something stuck with me from one of the answers: “Wanting your girl to earn less than you because of your fragile masculinity is toxic”. Honestly, if you’re with someone who makes you feel bad for rising to the top and reaping the benefits of your hard work, he is NOT worth it. Make your dollar and move on!

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