50 Reasons Why Men Don’t Pay For Dinner

Men………don’t you just love us? Aren’t we greedy, selfish, ugly and stupid? Or do you think we are hot supermodels from another planet with an unlimited supply of happy paper? When it comes to wining and dining, a date is supposed to feel sexy, refreshing and ultra-sway, or a combination of all three. Beautiful avocado salads infused truffle oil, sat on extravagant golden plates, the restaurant is dim, and smells like the Garden of Eden, whereas your date has a 6 pack. SIMPLY FABULOUS. OH, MY GOD. However, the bill arrives. You become nervous as opposed to feeling relaxed. Who pay for dinner? Will you look like a bitch? What i you pay and your date never calls, and you pay for dinner? That translates into loss of immediate assets. But, when your partner pays for you, and he is acting like MR. BIG-SHIT (sorry SHOT). The real issue is to determine whether or not it is acceptable for women to pay for the 1st date? I don’t understand why men are becoming increasingly cheap, mean and scheming. Have social norms changed recently? Maybe things have changed for the better and men are taking cognisance of gender equality. Unfortunately, some of them are using it in key strategic moments to take advantage of us – LOL. Anyway, is it right that girls pay for the guys as well (to support feminism)? If that is so, then why do girls insist that guys must pay for us because women are women? Quite a confusing behaviour, it needs to be said. What do you think? Is there a right way to deal with money in a relationship?

Here’re 50 reasons why men don’t pay for dinner:-

  1. “The reason why they don’t want to pay is because they look for sex and not a serious relationship”, 35, H.K
  2. “Men don’t want to pay for ugly women. If they want to pay, it is a bonus.”27, H.K
  3. “Men want to give women an opportunity of fairness. If she wants to please the man instead,  it is a good night for both of us”, 28, H.K
  4. “I think men do want to pay. But I’d reckon that they don’t want to fight with the girl over the cheque” 27, H.K
  5. “Normally, I will split the cheque, so that it is fair on both sides. I pay for dinner and the woman pay for dessert”, 24, H.K
  6. “I would not like to pay because I want to respect and be respected. I don’t like it when a woman sits there and expects to be treated like a princess. I don’t feel less masculine. Also, I don’t like being treated as some sort of a sex object. I feel disgusted by girls flaunting that they’ve got free stuff from guys. I always say nothing is for free.”, 34, Switzerland
  7. “I think some guys simply have no manners at all”, 29, H.K
  8. “I’m worried that I will be taken advantage of. I do feel less masculine. But, what can I do? LOL” 24, U.K
  9. ” I don’t believe you have to be a MAN to pay on the first date. There are others ways to show your manhood”, 37, H.K
  10. ” I think it happens a lot because guys just want to have sex and not have a true connection”, 28, H.K
  11. “I feel like I can be equal with my partner. We don’t need to pretend to each other. Even though it does make me feel less manly.” 46, Australia
  12. “In this generation, I think it is acceptable for both genders to pay. There’s no sense of dominancy between the two. It’s not an issue of who is going to pay. It dwells on how both parties perceive it, I guess”, 29, Philippines
  13. “Why would there be a problem?” 27, H.K
  14. “Ok, ok, ok, calm down”, 29, China
  15. “I believe today’s men as well as women are able to pay for the first date”, 51, U.K
  16. “It depends on the situation. Personally, AA is better”, 29, H.K
  17. “First meet should always be split between the two. From then, it is up to the guy or girl to pay the cheque. It’s good manners, plain and simple. People tend to forget the cost of living “, 35, Australia
  18. “I think paying one time is FINE. But, after that, then we need to be equal and pay for ourselves”, 38, H.K.
  19. “For me, I’ll pay for the date on one occasion. But, after that, I don’t like to pay for it each time because it’s unfair.”, 25, H.K
  20. “They are way too busy enjoying their food to care about the bill. So, they want the GF to pay for it.” 36, H.K
  21. “I think it’s nice if the woman is willing to pay, as opposed to never offering at all. I mean, I always pay, but it’s even better if both people are willing to contribute into the relationship.” – 33, Taiwan
  22. “I feel like AA is better. There are less problems” 24, H.K
  23. “I think people should go Dutch. It is acceptable. But, I’ve never heard a woman paying for a date before. I think that she should pay if she is rich and does not need to worry about bills “. 29, H.K
  24. “Maybe the girl should pay to show that she is a lady instead of the gentleman”, 25, H.K
  25. “I will feel manly for standing up for my rights”, 27, H.K
  26. “There shouldn’t be an expectation. Period”, 37, U.S.A
  27. “People have different values. It’s their choice whether to pay or not” 32, Taiwan
  28. “Pay? What do you mean? Why should I pay?”, 43, France
  29. “It’s rude to ask for money”, 42, Belgium
  30. “You will only see her once… So no point.” 25, H.K
  31. “Because I was not the host. The girl asked me out for dinner”, 54, U.S.A
  32. “No man should ever have to pay for dinner every time”, 36, H.K
  33. “I think Hong Kong people are kind of cheap and calculating. Maybe most men are like this”, 41, Thailand
  34. It’s a bit rude if you ask guy to pay for every meal”, 32, H.K
  35. “Personally, I am happy to pay for every occasion. However, it would be nice if the girl can pitch in on 20% of the occasion. I guess men tend to fear that they aren’t getting anything from the relationship, so they want to end the relationship immediately by not offering anymore dates”, 40, Lebanon
  36. “I think that the girl is rude for not offering to at least pay half of it”, 38, H.K
  37. “I think if the girl is poor, she should not ask him to pay at all. However, if he is frickin rich, he could pay for every single meal” 32, Canada
  38. “Because I would much rather pay for drinks instead to get lucky, LOL”, 34, Singapore
  39. “It sounds okay if the girl pays. No problem for men”, 24, H.K
  40. “I think a girl should also be the one who pays the bill sometimes”28, H.K
  41. “Normally men are expected to treat a woman. I don’t think it’s quite fair, as I don’t have much money “, 32, Macau
  42. “I think it’s not necessary. But if the guy can pay for every meal, it’s not really a big deal.” 30, H.K
  43. “I would like to see the budget first. If every meal is very expensive, then the girl should certainly contribute”, 32, H.K
  44. “Personally, I don’t think it’s bad to pay for the girl, but there are some girls who do take advantage of the guy. Depends on character, I guess?” 25, H.K
  45. “I think a girl can pitch in because how much can a couple eat? It’s not a large investment at the end of the day. Both people should contribute.” 25, H.K
  46. “It is normally considered rude to not pay for the girl… hehehe. Guys should pay for every meal. However, for me, it depends on the situation and who I am with.” 36, China
  47. “What do you think? I think it’s okay for me. But, if you don’t find the girl attractive,  AA is better for me “, 28, H.K
  48. “I certainly won’t pay for a girl if we are going to some 5-star restaurant. It does depend on the situation. If it is less than $200 HKD, then it should be fine. Anymore, and it will be a problem.” 29, H.K
  49. “It depends on the girl. Normally, it’s considered to be the guy’s obligation. But then, I want women to have the power so I wouldn’t normally expect myself to pay every time. I am feminist.” – 25, Philippines
  50. “Well, what would happen if the girl is only using you? She may have a devious plan. I think it takes time to trust someone before you start being generous. But, if this girl is poor or nice, I will treat her. But, I won’t treat anyone who already has money” 20, H.K.

In conclusion, men are getting smarter these days. Money matters. In today’s day and age, a girl is NOT expected to be treated like a princess because they can make it on their own. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? Feminism went wrong? I do believe some men will treat a girl occasionally. By the same token, some girls should be honest, have their integrity intact and not take advantage of different guys and expect a free meal. When you find a guy who truly loves you, a girl can thank him and reciprocate. Times are changing, and people like to settle for nothing less than equality. There is nothing wrong with this. However, guys should not forget the glamour of a date either. You are there to have a good time. Men should feel proud of the fact that they can give or pay for dinner. The same holds true for women. Money is a touchy subject for some. I suggest both of you take turns to pay for dinner. Nobody will be calculating anything, yet the bottom number on the bill remains the same. I believe in feminism. However, I also believe in gender equality. To make this world a better place, a girl should not be treated any differently than a man. Money shouldn’t spoil a relationship. Gender roles and sexuality are confusing. Let’s just stop all this calculating bulls** and have a good time together, because it’s a lot more fun that way. We are adults for goodness sakes <3.

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